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How to Clean Mattress Stains in Calgary? (Easy Green Cleaning Hack!)

How to clean mattress stains naturally without bleach in 10 minutes!

Easy green cleaning hacks for YYC residents, great for cushions, upholstery & clothing too!

IMPORTANT: work in a ventilated space because there is definitely some reactions taking place!

Step 1: Deep vacuum the mattress, this will help removing dust, dirt, dust mites. Use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment. Make sure the mattress is vacuumed thoroughly before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Spray mattress with diluted dish soap
Fill the 16 oz bottle with water and add 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Mix well and spray the entire mattress. The key here is to cover the surface of the mattress, use your hand and check to make sure there are NO DRY SPOTS! More on this at the end in “3 Things Not to Do” section.
You will likely use 1 to 2 bottles of the 16 oz water and soap mixture to spray an entire queen mattress. Work fast and move on to the next step while the mattress is damp.

Step 3: Spray mattress with diluted hydrogen peroxide
Fill the 16 oz bottle with half cold water and half 3% hydrogen peroxide . It’s not only great for stain removal, but can also remove mildew and bacteria! Again, mix well and spray the entire mattress. Spray a little extra on the stained areas.

Step 4: Dust mattress with baking soda.
While the mattress is damp, evenly sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface. You will need 2-3 cups of baking soda for a queen mattress. Use a clean cloth or rag to spread the baking soda so it forms a thin layer of paste as you are wiping over the mattress surface. Don’t use paper towel as it can leave tiny fibers in the cleaning mixture.
The entire process will take less than 10 minutes. As you spread the baking soda, you can already see the mattress stains become lighter! Because there is a reaction taking place, work fast and keep windows open. Leave the room and let the baking soda dry overnight.

You can leave a fan on to speed up the air drying on top of the mattress surface.

The next day, you will return to a sparkly clean mattress! Sweep the dried baking soda off the mattress surface with a dry and clean towel, and enjoy your like-new mattress! It is OK if a little baking soda remains on the mattress which absorbs odor. You can also use a vacuum with the upholstery attachment to make sure the mattress is vacuumed fully.

3 things NOT to do when trying to clean mattress stains:
1 . Do not spot clean mattress stains.
This was what I did. Day one, I used soap to clean the few muddy spots, and ended up with bigger areas of water and soap and dirt marks. Day two, I used soap and baking soda, according to some recipes on line, the stains got even bigger.

2 . Do not use bleach to clean mattress stains.
Bleach is really harsh on fabrics. Since we can’t run the entire mattress underwater to rinse off the bleach, it can also be harmful to air quality in the bedroom.

3 . Do not use soap that contain harsh chemicals or colors.
Choose a clear natural liquid dish soap. Some soaps have colors, which means they could tint your mattress.
In addition to cleaning mattress stains, this recipe and process is also great for cleaning carpet stains, yoga mat, certain upholstery, etc.

Many readers have told us that this method worked super well for blood stains, urine stains, sweat stains and other spills! Some of the tougher stains may need to be treated 2-3 times, but you will see significant improvements each time.

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