1Does my mattress needs to be cleaned?

If you used your mattress for more than a period of 6 months, then the answer is Yes.

2How long does it take to clean a mattress?

Depending on the condition of the mattress and the type and age of the stains, it can take between 40 minutes to 2 hours to clean a mattress.

3How long does it take for the mattress to get dry?

Our methods uses the minimum possible amount of water. Therefore it takes a couple of hours for the mattress to dry after we are done.

4Where do you clean the Mattress?

Our service is a mobile unit. So we come to your house and clean the mattress.

5How often shall I clean my Mattress?

Scientists consider that a regular usage of a mattress (8 hours of usage per day) for 6 months can make the mattress harmful to our bodies and respiratory system. Therefore a regular full sanitation of a mattress is required at least every 6 months.

6Do you use any Chemicals in your process?

No Chemicals are used during the Cleaning Process. We use 100% Natural Products and eco-friendly technology to clean. This way, you will have peace of mind while using your mattress again.

7How do we clean mattresses ?

We have 3 major steps to clean a mattress thoroughly : First we vacuum the mattress using a high suction vacuum with air-purificator that allows us to remove the dry bacteria and dust mites, then we use some of our homemade products to remove the stains and smells. At the end we adopt the use of dry-steam technology to reach the inner mattress and eliminate bacteria and allergens. All these methods are 100% Eco-friendly.

8How much water do you use during the process?

Our cleaning methods use minimum possible amount of water. Our products are used wisely, and the dry-steam contains only 5% of water. Keeping in mind that the usage of large quantities of water is not recommended to clean a mattress, reason being that, excess water can reach the inner mattress, and becomes harder to remove. It becomes mold which is very harmful to our respiratory system and causes allergies.

9Are your methods Harmful for the mattress?

No. Our methods are 100% Eco-friendly. No chemicals are used during the process, either with using the stains removal products (100% natural products), or by using the dry steam technology, which proves to be very effective when it comes to eliminate bacteria, dust mite, allergens and smells. It also helps brighten the top of the mattress.,

10Do your methods remove all stains?

Stains that are one year old or newer can be removed completely using a spot-treatment service that contains only natural products. Older stains can be a bit tricky, We must understand that mattresses are made from very sensitive materials, therefore older stains can be difficult to remove using natural products. So we brighten the stains and sanitize it completely to eliminate all the bacteria contained in the stain. In the case where the stains proves too difficult to be removed , we use a stronger Eco-friendly product after advising the customer. In all cases, It’s better to clean a mattress as soon as the stains occurs.

11Do you remove pets stains?

Yes. Our methods allows us to eliminate all the bacteria and stains generated by pets if it happens to be on your mattress.

12How long can I keep a mattress?

If a mattress is cleaned periodically and you let air in the room for the mattress to breath, a mattress can last a Lifetime of 10 years, while offering the best quality of sleep.

13What are the benefits of cleaning my mattress?

We use a mattress 8 hours a day, which makes it the most used item in the house. Imagine if you don’t take a shower for one year, how will it feel? The same goes for the mattress, every night while we are asleep, our bodies generates sweat and dead cells, these form bacteria and these bacteria make the mattress as their home, and start to reproduce, which becomes harmful to our bodies after only 6 months of usage. Not to mention unwanted accidents, like spills or urine. Having pets can also multiply the risks.